Monday, June 25, 2012

Chapter 10 Megan Fox

I fear Adalric is going to find us.  I think I'm going to look for a great plastic surgeon!
I'm not sure if I like my new face?  But it will have to do for now!
I'm happy that Lilac knew me after the surgery.  This is what we both look like now.

We are going back into hiding for now!  I feel for Adalric's new girl!
Adalric was reading a book when he looked up and seen this beauty queen out side.  He just had to meet this sexything!

Hi my name is Adalric nice to meet you.   Hi I'm Megan and it is nice to meet you also.  Megan would you like to have a fun date with me?  Yes I would love that.  Ok meet me at the house tomorrow and we will go do some fun things.  Oh you should bring clothes for outdoors and then something sexy for later for some drinks and dinner.   Sounds great Adalric and I can't wait for the fun to start!  
Meet Megan Fox she is baby mamma number 10.  I did not make her but I changed her clothes and hair and makeup.   You can download her at.
Adalric this looks so much fun and I bet I can beat you!   Oh Megan do you think you can beat the best!  May the best person win. 

Oh yes I'm going to beat the pants off him!!! Megan thinks to her self.  " Hmmm I wounder what he looks like with pants off? "
Oh shit I lost my footing, that means she will beat me. 
Oh yes in your face Mr Jontz! 
Ok sweetthing you won, but only because I let you win.     What ever Adalric, lets get something to drink I'm so hot from beating you lol.  
Aww so good going down.    Megan you ready for your next fun thing?  Why yes I'm ready for anything fun.  
Megan are you ready to learn how to surf?  Yes I have been wanting to learn to surf for a long time now.   Ok lets get our boards in the water beautiful. 
Looking great Megan, now lets get out into the water.     Wait I'm not ready yet to go into the water.  Can we just go back to your house and shower and get dressed for dinner.   Sure that sounds great we will get even closer over dinner. 
This should be fun.  Megan I hope you are ready to eat?  Sounds great Al, I hope you don't mine me calling you Al?  No it is ok with me.  Lets go in and eat something.

Wow slow down on the drinking Al.  I'm just getting started Megan. 

Lets win big and then maybe we never have work again.    We own but not enough to quit our jobs.  Are you ready to go back to my place Megan?   Sure Al and lets not stop having fun now. 
Al I hope you do things to me that have never been down before.   Well I do have a few things I can show you my pretty.  Ok shut up and show me already.
Al I love the way you are teasing me with your tongue. 
Al you are amazing don't stop.  I won't stop till you are ready for me to stop. 
I'm getting sick of dad having so many girl's.  Yeah I'm sick of not being able to bring my friends home.

I don't want this baby at all.  As soon as I get a way out of this I'm gone!!

Meet Renesmee baby number 10.
What is Megan doing in the hot tub with my best friend!  Megan you just had our baby, what do you think you are doing bitch! 
You need to get your things and get out Megan!  Don't worry I had my shit packed and ready to go.  Oh by the way Al your not the lover all the women talk about in town!  Bye loser!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Chapter 9

I'm so mad at Adalric and Tiffany for sleeping together!  I feel so sad that I must do the unthinkable!
But first I have a few things I must do before I say goodbye!
Ann I love you so much that it hurts.   I must say goodbye and remember mommy loves you so much.   I must leave a note for them to read.
I wonder what is in the next life for me?
What was that Adalric said! 
Oh NO she shot her self.   Tiffany call the coroner and keep the kids out of this room!
The coroner takes the body to the funeral home.
I feel so bad about Audruy taking her own life.  She was a wonderful friend and this is how I show her how I care about her.   Now I can never tell her how sorry I am for sleeping with you. 
What have I done!!!  What will I tell the kids?
I must hold it together for the family, and head to the funeral home.
Audruy looks so pretty Adalric you did a great job picking her dress out.   
Tiffany we must move forward for the children.
I'm feeling sick to my stomach.  Nickelson lets go down for a nap, and just then she remembered the night she slept with Adalric.   Oh it can't be....
That was one hot night we had together.  And  It was not worth hurting my best friend over.   And now I'm going to have his baby. 
I must speck to Adalric about this baby.   But first I want him to speak if he can talk with Audruy through the crystal ball. 
Audruy we would like to know if you forgive us?  Audruy are you  in this room with us?   I'm sorry Tiffany she is not here.  
I'm taking our unborn baby and moving away.  
No your not taking our unborn baby!  
Yes I am and you will never find us!
Hmmm we will see about that Tiffany!!!!  
I found this cute little house on craigslist.  But if I'm going to stay ahead of Adalric then we will be moving  a lot.  
Don't worry Lilac mommy will keep you safe.   

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chapter 8

Adalric wanted to get a new look for christmas so he called and set up a time at the new salon Bon Bon.  He could not take is eye's off of the women who was taking care of his new look.  Her name is Audruy and they say she is the best stylist in town.  

Adalric wanted Audruy to be the next baby mamma, so he asked her if she wanted to have drinks on Tuesday.   Audruy told Adalric she would love to have drinks on Tuesday.         Audruy took Adalric in the back to make him over.   Audruy asked Adalric if he liked his new look.
Adalric loved his new look and thought to his self it was very nice outfit, but a little preppy for him.
Tuesday night and Adalric drove over to Audruy's house and picked her up. 
They each had a drink and started talking about what a wonderful night it was. 
Adalric asked Audruy if she wanted to go over to his house for a night cap.  Audruy said yes that would be great!
They started making out right way and before she new it they were in bed together. 

 Over breakfast Audruy told Adalric that she had a doctor appt tomorrow and wanted him to go with her.   Audruy told Adalric that she has missed her period this month.   
Dr Feagins tells Audruy that she is pregnant.
Dr Feagins told Audruy not to worry about a thing everything looks great with your pregnancy.
Adalric did not like this doctor much.   Audruy wanted to look at the birthing room to see if it had everything for the birthday of her baby. 
Adalric yelled at the doctor telling him he better keep his eyes off his girl.   The doctor could not believe what he was hearing.

The twins needed to be put down for a nap.  Audruy helps put the twins down for a nap.
Audruy just loves the twins so much.  

It is time for the twins to see all the gifts and tree with the lights on. 
Audruy had been baking christmas cookies all day, when she gets a phone call.
It was Audruy's best friend  Tiffany and she was on her way over.
Audruy lets Tiffany  in and they start talking about old times.  Tiffany asked Audruy if she wanted to go shopping.  Audruy tells Tiffany that she knows a great place they can go window shopping.
Audruy tells Tiffany that she is pragnant with this wild guy she meet at her beauty salon.
Audruy is having pains and calls Adalric up and tells him to meet her at the birthing center.
Audruy was so happy that Adalric made it so fast. 
The nursed asked Audruy if she needs any pain meds yet?  Audruy told her no not yet.
Audruy tells Adalric to get the nurse it is getting close now. 
Audruy is in alot of pain now and the baby is getting closer.  The nurse tells Audruy that she will get the doctor.

Nurse lets get her ready for the birth of this baby NOW!
Audruy had a baby girl and she named her Ann.  Ann is baby # 9  The nurse is cleaning the baby and getting her weight!   

The doctor checkes on Audruy and the baby before she gets ready to go home. 
Audruy is holding Ann and thinking what a pretty little girl I have. 
Audruy loved her new baby girl so very much!  She thinks to her self that Adalric and I will be so happy together.   Audruy could her Adalric's vocie out side.  She did not like what she was hearing from him.   She snecks a peek!

Audruy is spying on Adalric to find out if he is cheating on her.   Audruy is so upset by what she sees.   She runs inside and yells for Adalric to meet her inside. 
Audruy asked Adalric about Tiffany and if he was having sex with her?  Adalric told her it was not her concern if he was having sex with Tiffany.  
   Adalric told Audruy to stop yelling at him infront of Ann. 
Audruy told Adalric that she was the best thing that happen too him and he would regert the day he left her for another women. 
Audruy sits infront of the mirrow putting her makeup on and thinking how mad she was at Adalric!!  Audruy tells her self that she will get him to love her!  She started to get up and herd moaning from the living room!
Audruy could not belive her best friend was having sex with her man.   Audruy feels like she has lost her mind and thinks I have a gun.  Audruy runs and gets the gun, and thinks to her self what now?  Do I KILL them both or just Tiffany?   Or Maybe all three of us?

Sorry it took me so long on chapter 8 everyone!