Friday, April 6, 2012

Chapter 9

I'm so mad at Adalric and Tiffany for sleeping together!  I feel so sad that I must do the unthinkable!
But first I have a few things I must do before I say goodbye!
Ann I love you so much that it hurts.   I must say goodbye and remember mommy loves you so much.   I must leave a note for them to read.
I wonder what is in the next life for me?
What was that Adalric said! 
Oh NO she shot her self.   Tiffany call the coroner and keep the kids out of this room!
The coroner takes the body to the funeral home.
I feel so bad about Audruy taking her own life.  She was a wonderful friend and this is how I show her how I care about her.   Now I can never tell her how sorry I am for sleeping with you. 
What have I done!!!  What will I tell the kids?
I must hold it together for the family, and head to the funeral home.
Audruy looks so pretty Adalric you did a great job picking her dress out.   
Tiffany we must move forward for the children.
I'm feeling sick to my stomach.  Nickelson lets go down for a nap, and just then she remembered the night she slept with Adalric.   Oh it can't be....
That was one hot night we had together.  And  It was not worth hurting my best friend over.   And now I'm going to have his baby. 
I must speck to Adalric about this baby.   But first I want him to speak if he can talk with Audruy through the crystal ball. 
Audruy we would like to know if you forgive us?  Audruy are you  in this room with us?   I'm sorry Tiffany she is not here.  
I'm taking our unborn baby and moving away.  
No your not taking our unborn baby!  
Yes I am and you will never find us!
Hmmm we will see about that Tiffany!!!!  
I found this cute little house on craigslist.  But if I'm going to stay ahead of Adalric then we will be moving  a lot.  
Don't worry Lilac mommy will keep you safe.