Saturday, September 3, 2011


Adalric was working very hard working as a CEO of a corporation called the channel.    The channel is for women, and women alone.  It allowed the women to live out their wildest fantasies each evening between eight p.m. and four a.m. the following morning.   Their husbands and boy friends knew nothing about the channel.    It was just one of those premium channels on the satellite bill, like Disney.  If asked about it a woman would say it was like lifetime.   The men doing the asking would usually roll their eyes and change the subject.
Valerie and Jessica got all the alcohol put way before their dad walked though the door.   Hey dad said Valerie.   You need to send everyone home it is getting late and I have had a hard day at work.  
Demetrio would you help us get everyone out of the house.  My dad is not in a good mood at all.  Sure anything for you Valerie. 
Valerie why were you flirting with Demetrio?  You know I like him very much.  Jessica you are not dating me and I think he really likes him.   How could you Valerie, your my sister and you are hurting me. 
Look Jessica he has already asked me out and you better stay away from him if you know what is good for you!   Valerie we will see if you can keep Demetrio away from me!  I have a few spells I can put on him!  HA! HA!   We will just see who will end up with Demetrio dear sister!
Adalric was driving over to his Anger anonymous group.  The judge ordered him to start group or go to jail for what he did to Melody Girard.  
Adalric stood up and told the group his name and started telling his story.  Adalric was thinking to him self about all the things he did to Melody and his dead child.
Adalric was just about done when this guy told him someone wanted to meet him in the next room.
The room next door is a dance studio and why would someone want to see me from there?
Adalric walks into the studio and sees this beautiful woman sitting behind a desk.  He can't keep his eyes off her.  Adalric is thinking this going to be my next baby mamma?
Hi... have a seat and I will be right with you sir.  Adalric takes a seat and is thinking of all the things he wants to do with this sexy women.   Adalric is filled with excitement just thinking of the amazing sexual pleasure they will have together.
Hi my name is Cherie Ogle and I over heard you telling your story.  I sent my assistant over to tell you I wanted to meet with you.  I'm in the group my self and wanted to know if you and I could be each others sponsor?  Well Cherie I would be greatful to have you as my sponsor.  My name is Adalric Jontz nice to meet you.  
Ashley was just waiting on Adalric to get back home from his meeting. 
Adalric what do you think of my new hair style?  Baby you look hot in any hair style.  Adalric did not know what to do about Cherie because he started having feelings for Ashley. 
Ashley was going to town and wanted to buy some sexy lingerie for later.  And then she seen Adalric's jeep.   Hmm..what is he doing at the Delgado dance Studio?   I must get a closer look with out him seeing me. 
She looked inside the glass door and seen this attractive women with Adalric and they were talking and being flirty with each other.  Well what am I going to do about this?   I'm having his child and this is how he is going to behave.  I most put a stop to this at once.   Ashely could not help but think about this on the way home.   And what will I say to Adalric about what I seen and how mad will he get about me bringing this up.  After all I know all about what happen with Melody and the death of her unborn baby.  She hopes that Adalric's anger group has helped him enough that he won't beat her for asking about the women.  
Ashley started kissing Adalric in hopes to get him in a good mood before asking about this women she seen him with today.   Adalric can I ask you something?  Yes what is it?  Well when I was driving into town today I seen you at the Delgado dance sstudio talking to this attractive women.  Oh you did...Adalric starts to feel his face get hot and thinks to him self, I must stop my self from blowing up.  He takes a deep breath before talking to Ashley and starts to feel his face get cool again.   That was Cherie my sponsor for my anger group.  Babe you have nothing to worry about ok.  I love you and only want to be with you.  Oh Adalric I am so happy to hear that.  I love you also. 
Hi my name is Daymon is Ashley here?  No she is out but should be back in about 30 mintues or so.  You can wait if you like.   No I must go but will you tell her that I came by.  Sure I will tell Ashley when she gets home.  
Adalric pulled up to the house and seen this man walking out his front door.  Hmm...I wonder who that is?   Valerie who was that guy I seen leaving and what did he want?  That was Daymon and he wanted to talk with Ashley.   Ok how was school today hun?  Great dad thank you for asking and how was work?   Oh it was a long day.  I think I will turn in for the night.   Ok dad see you in the morning.  
Adalric could not go to sleep and it was getting late and Ashley was not home yet.  He was getting upset that she was not home yet.   Just then Adalric heard the door open.  He ran downstairs to ask Ashley were she had been all night. 
Ashley it is 3:00am where have you been all night?    Adalric you need to take a breath and calm down.
No!! I want to know right now, where have you been?  I was with my angent Daymon if you must know.
We had to talk over my next modeling job for playboy.   You could of called me and let me know, I was worried about you all night!  Look Adalric you don't own me and I come and go when I want got it!  Lets just calm down and be quiet before we wake the children up.   I am sorry Ashley for blowing up on you.   I was just worried about you and please call next time.   Adalric I'm sorry for not calling and that you worreid all night. 
The next day after school Zeus the 3ed child had a birthday party.  Zeus wishes for his mom to show up at the party and hopes to see her.
Why did my mom miss my birthday party?  I miss seeing her so much.  I wonder what high school will bring for me?  I better get going my sister's are getting ready to have their birthday's.
Jessica after her 18th birthday party. 
Valerie after her 18th birthday party.   And just then Valerie heard screaming.
Adalric it is time for the baby, take me to the hospital.  Oh the pain it is to late for the hospital help me, the baby is comming now.   Just then Adalric helped  bring is son into the world. 
Ashley named the baby Kastor (4th baby).  Ashley looking down on this baby thinking I don't want to be stuck with this baby.  What I'm I going to do with it?  I want my modeling career to take off not be a mom.    I will talk to Adalric and tell him how I feel.   Before she tells Adalric she needs to call Daymon and tell him the baby was born.   Daymon the baby was born.  I want to get back to work as fast as I can, please set everything up. 
I have something I must talk to you about.   What is it, you look worried.  I can't stay and take care of our son.  I did not want to be a mother right now.  I want my career more.  Will you please take good care of our son.   But I don't want you to go I love you Ashley and you are the first women that I have ever had feelings for.   I am sorry but I can't stay, Daymon is setting everything up as we speack.   I want us to have one last amazing night together before I leave. 
Kastor I hope you understand someday why mommy had to leave you.  I trust daddy to take good care of you my sweet son. 
Adalric come to the bedroom.  I'm going to make you scream with pleasure !  You will be begging me for more!  Ashley started kissing his chest working her way done is lower body.  She started kissing his penis she could hear him moan with pleasure.  Ashley got ontop and put his big long cock into her cunt.   Going slow at first then quite vigorously.  
She wrapped her slender legs about his sturdy torso. She went deeper, and harder and faster and then slowed down.  Oh you know how I like it Ashley as he moaned out loud!!!   Don't stop don't stop he said.  Ashley went even faster and just then they both scream with orgasm!!!
Later the next day Daymon calls and tells her to pack her bags.   Ashley holds her son and gives him a big kiss and hug and tells him goodbye.  She knows he will not remember her, but she must go. 
Bye for now Adalric, I'll miss you so much.   I left you something in the bedroom to always remember me.   I'll miss you and be thinking of our passion that we have for each other. 
Adalric went into the bedroom and seen this picture Ashley left behind for him.  He held it close and wondered how he could ever find a women like her again. 

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