Friday, August 19, 2011

Chapter Three

Meet Baby Mamma # 2 Corey Snell
Corey was invited to Adalric's party, that he was hosting that night. 
Corey thought to her self that Adalric was so gorgeous.  She just had to go up to him and meet him face to face.   Hi my name is Corey Snell.  Thank you for the invite to your party.   Hi Corey nice to meet you.   Corey had way to much to drink that night and ended up in Adalric's bedroom.
Corey I think you are so amazing and smart and beautiful!  I just want to kiss you and have my way with you.   Oh Adalric your words are so sweet, but I have had a lot to drink tonight and I am not sure if I want to have sex with you?   Corey trust me I will take great care of you.  Ok Adalric will you respect me in the morning?  Oh yes I give you my word.  Now shut up and kiss me!
Corey got up the next morning and realized what happen last night.  She was not feeling so good this morning because she had so much to drink last night.
Adalric got up and was not very nice at all.  I was thinking wow and he gave me his word.  I am feeling really sick and she runs to the bathroom.
Corey was thinking she might be pregnant.  Corey went to the drug store and took a pregnancy test.   And the test said yes you are pregnant.
Corey was happy about this and did not know if Adalric was going to be happy about this news?  I must work up the courage to tell Adalric the news.
Adalic I have something I need to tell you.  I'm pregnant with your child. 
Corey really are you Pregnant?  Yes I am are you happy?  Corey yes this is so amazing.
I was so afarid to tell Adalric the news and I did not need to be afarid after all.  I briefly thought maybe we could make this work and be a big happy family.
Valerie aged up, she is a teenager now.
Jessica aged to a teenager.
I miss Adalric so very much he seems to be gone a lot.  And we are not talking much any more.  He is not acting like he even wants me around.  The girl's are so sweet and they are around for me.
WOW I'm getting so fat.   I went into town today and I seen Adalric, but he did not see me.  I just stood and watched him talking and being flirty with this cute chick.  I have so much uncertainty with Adalric.
I went into labor later that day.   Meet Zeus he is the 3rd child in my challenge.
When Adalric got home I conforted him about seeing him talking and flirting with this other chick.   COREY HOW COULD YOU!  WHAT ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME AROUND NOW?   Adalric no I was not following you at all.  I just went into town and then seen you with HER!   WELL COREY THE THRUTH BE TOLD, I HATE YOUR GUTS AND DON'T WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU! I just used you to have my baby.    Adalric you are so cruel and weak as a man!!  COREY GET OUT OF MY HOUSE AND MY LIFE!  What about the baby.     You will leave him with me.  NOW GET OUT!   Can I say goodbye to Zeus?
This can't be!  My little angel mommy loves you so very much.  I will try and see you when I can. 
Goodbye my little angel.  How can I leave him with this moster of a man. 

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