Sunday, August 28, 2011

CHAPTER FIVE 100 Baby challenge Daddy Style

Meet Baby Mamma # 4 Ashley Coleball
Ashley was in hidden springs working on a modeling shoot when she meet Adalric.  Hi my name is Adalric and I just had to come and meet you.  Hi my name is Ashely Coleball nice to meet you.
Ashely would you like to meet up later tonight?  Sure I would love that.  All I have been doing is working since I got to hidden springs.  Getting out on a date would be wonderful and fun.  Lets meet here around 9:00 pm.  
Wow Adalric this was very thoughtful of you.  It looks amazing!!!
Lets sit and have some wine. And talk and get to know each other a little more.
How long you been modeling?  I have modeled for 2 years.  I love working as a model, I get to travel all over the world and see amazing places.
You are so beautiful Ashley.  Thank you I hear that a lot.  I just want to kiss you. 
Adalric took Ashley into his arms and started kissing her first on the neck and then started down her chest working his way down her breast.   As Ashley started to moan with pleasure she took control and ontop of Adalric.  Adalric was fascinated by this and wanted her even more. 
The paparazzi showed up and broke up everything.    Lets go to my house for a drink and get away from the paparazzi. 

How long have you lived in hidden springs Adalric?  We don't live here this is just were we go on vacation.  I just bought this house.   I live in Los Aniegos with my 3 children. 
Adalric took Ashley's hand and lead her into his bedroom.  They started talking when Ashley said I must kiss you.  She took a hold of him and flipped  him on his back and started kissing him on his chest then down his stomach and caressing his body.  
 He had always fantasized about a women taking control like this.  He started to moan with pleasure and begged for more.   
And they both reached orgasm at the same time.
Valerie started calling everyone for the party she was having tonight.  Oh this party will be great and dad will be gone for  a few hours.   Valerie made a drink for her self before her friends came over.
They started showing up and Jessica brought Demetrio home. 
The party started getting out of hand and someone offered drugs and Jessica was worried about her sister.  Valerie was really drunk at this point.
Look Annie I can't believe you brought drugs to my house.  You need to take your drugs and go home.
Valerie started getting sick.
Oh why did I drink so much...
I feel better and wanted a cigarette.  Just then she seen dad's car pulling up the street.  Everyone help me get the booze put away.

Hope you liked what I have so far.  working on part 2 of chapter 5

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Meet Baby Mamma # 3 Melody Girard
Adalric had a makeover.
Melody got all dolled up for a night out on the town.   Melody got on the dance floor and was looking very pretty, when she looked up she seen this guy giving her the eye. 
Hi my name is Adalric nice to meet you beautiful!  Hi Adalric my name is Melody, would you like to dance?  Sure lets do this baby.
Melody would you like to go and get a drink at my place?   I'm not sure it is getting late.  Oh come on dollface it will be fun and I won't bite.  Ok  it sounds like it will be fun. 
Melody you have gorgeous eyes and I can't help my self from looking at your gorgeous face.  Oh Adalric stop you will make me blush.  Hey gorgeous lets go into my bedroom.  Why do you want me in your bedroom?  I have something I would like to show you.  They went into the bedroom and started making out.
(Sorry about them being in different clothes but I lost a lot of my pictures.)
She could not stop her self from having woohoo. 
Adalric your a great kisser.  Well thank you doll and your not bad your self.
What was I thinking sleeping with him.  The word on the street is that Adalric is a player and treats girls like sex-slaves.  Maybe we will end up happy. 
Adalric and I went out dancing and I went to the bathroom and came back to him and this women!  I can see how this night is going to go.  I am going to kick her ass!!!
Well the bouncer throw us out!  HOW COULD YOU INBEAREST ME LIKE THIS!!!!  If you are going to be with me you better get a hold of your self!  I will not stand for you acting like a crazy women!  DO YOU HEAR ME MELODY!!  Yes dear I hear every world you said.  I am sorry for acting like a fool.
Melody I'm sorry for yelling but you must obey me when you are with me at all times.  You don't want to see me get mad!!!  Ok can we kiss and makeup.
Adalric has another thing coming if he thinks I am going to obey him now that I am pregnant!!  I will NEVER obey him! 
Adalric I will not obey you!  We are having a baby and you will treat me like a lady should be treated!  OH YEAH!!  YOU WILL OBEY ME!  NO I WON'T AND YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!
Melody I hate you and another thing you are nothing but a TOWN WHORE!
BITCH you are a cock-teaser and  an easy lay!  What ever Adalric, but you wanted it more than I did.  And with your little dick I never felt a thing.  I was just laying in bed thinking is it over YET!!!
I WILL SHOW YOU LITTLE DICK!  OH please don't hit her dad!!
Oh don't you are going to hurt our baby.  Please stop Adalric!  I don't care if I do hurt the baby.  YOU DONE PUSHED ME PAST ANGERY!!!  YOU ARE REALLY GOING TO GET IT NOW BITCH!
Come on cock tease fight back like a man.  NO Adalric our baby, NO STOP!

Adalric stop please!  NO!  I want you to die bitch!!
STOP!  What are you doing your chocking me! 
DAD STOP!  What are you doing?  STOP before you kill her! 
I am having pain in my stomach!
Adalric take me to the hospital I'm bleeding.
Where is the baby Melody? 
I lost the baby Valerie!!  OH NO!! 
How could your dad do this?  I don't know but we need to do something about him.
We need to call the cops.  I don't know if we should do that or not?  Yes we must stop him from hurting you any more!   But he ran out of the hospital and I have not seen him!  We will have the cops find him.
Valerie I can't I'm afarid of your dad.  I care about you but I must leave now!  I am sorry but I already called the cops and they are looking for dad right now! 
What was I thinking!  I have lost my mind!
Are you Adalric Jontz?  Yes why?  Your daughter called us. 

You need to come with me downtown right now Mr Jontz!  Wait why?  We need to ask you some questions.
Ok take me downtown.
Valerie I must go now.  Wait you need to press chargers on my dad.  No I won't do that Valerie.  Your dad told me in the hospital not to say a word or he would kill me and cut my body up.  I'm so sorry about the baby and keep in touch bye Melody.