Thursday, August 18, 2011


                                   Meet Baby Mamma # 1 Rose Clear Water

Rose meet Adalric at this new hot night club in town.   She was dating someone else at the time, but she did not care.  When she seen him she knew she must have him.   So she  fellowed him home with out Adalric seeing her.    She had to know if he had a girlfriend or wife at home.  

She looked in the window and seen that he looked mad about something.  Rose had to go and talk with him.

  Rose went up to Adalric.  Hi my name is Rose.  Hi Adalric said with a smile on his face.  

                    Adalric is a smooth talker he had me talked into laying on his bed, just so we could talk he told me.   Rose was thinking he is so good looking that I just want to kiss him.

Adalric had asked rose if she wanted to have his child.  And she told him yes.  We got started right way.  

             Adalric seen Rose getting sick, so he had her take a pregnancy test.   Oh yes Rose said I am pregnant. 

          Rose was feeling all alone at this point, because Adalric was always gone.  But she did not know what he was doing. 

Rose got on the computer and wanted to look in his e-mail.  But Rose seen that it had a place that asked for a pass word.   Rose gave up on that and wanted to look on her facebook page.  

Just then the pain started and her water broke!!   Adalric is not around and Rose is in so much pain.  

Meet Valerie Clear Water.  Valerie was a good baby she started sleeping at night right away. 

                                Meet Jessica Clear Water.  Rose was not so lucky with Jessica.  Jessica was a very needy child. 

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