Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chapter 6 100 Baby Challenge Daddy Style

Adalric was lost with out Ashley!!  He had to take his mind off her before he went crazy.
I love my son so very much.  I hope I can do right by him, and teach him everything I'm not.  I'm feeling so down.  And just then  he remembered that he meet Cherie Ogle at Delgado Dance Studios. 
After his anger anonymous group he head next door to ask if Cherie wanted dinner at his house tonight.   She was not there so he gave her a call.   Hello Cherie this is Adalric, I wanted to know if you would like to come over and have dinner with me tonight?   That sounds great, I can be over in an hour! 
Meet baby mamma # 5 Cherie Ogle.   Download link.
Cherie you look beautiful tonight.   Oh thank you Adalric you don't look bad your self.   I made us a wonderful dinner.  I hope you like Pepper Steak and Rice pilaf with mushroom.   Oh how did you know that is my favorite dish?  I have my resources dollface. 
It looks wonderful Adalric.  Lets sit down and eat and I also made us some cookies.
Adalric it was delishes, how long you been cooking?  I been cooking for a few years and I really have a pssion for it.    Let me help you clean up please?  Oh no I would not hear of it.  You just sit your pretty self there and drink some more wine. 
Cherie got up and looked around the house.  Thinking to her serlf wow what a amazing looking house he has.   Adalric started kissing Cherie very passionate.  He looked into her eyes and thought wow she is so sexy.  I must have her tonight!!!
He then wispered into her ear, come with me into the bedroom darling.
The room was filled with perfume rose fragrant.  Adalric kisses Cherie passionate.   Adalric starts to kiss her breasts, working his way down her body.  Cherie moan with pleasure asking for more.  Adalric turns Cherie over and starts pumping harder and harder till they both scream out with orgasm.

The next morning she sees that Adalric made her breakfast.  She thinks aww what a wonderful thougt. 
Cherie can't belive how sick she is feeling!  She is throwing up every morning.  I must be pregnant.  I don't have time to deal with this right now.  I must get down to the dance studio.
Adalric is teaching Kastor how to walk, talk, and go potty. Before his next birthday.
aww what a handsome little boy I have.  And you are so smart Kastor!!  Daddy loves you very much!  Daddy love you.
Adalric is heading over to the lake.   He starts fishing and sees this attractive woman roasting marshmallows.   Hmm I must go over and say hello. 
Hello my name is Adalric nice to meet you.  Hi my name is Savannah Tridge.
Would you like to come back to my house so we can have a few drinks?  Sure sounds great!
After a few drinks they head into the bedroom and start kissing and makingout!
And then she gets pregnant!!! Then next thing Adalric hears is Cherie screaming out help.
The baby is coming now!  Meet Barbara the 5th child.  Download Link

Barbara mommy loves you so much and you are so perfect.  
Savannah Tridge baby mamma # 6  Download link
Cherie puts Barbara down for a nap so they can throw Kastor and party.  
Kastor age 5.  And if you want the download link just let me know on facebook.
Savannah goes into larbor next.  And is screaming out in pain. 
Meet Baby # 6 Olivia.  She is so pretty.

I'm sorry this chapter really sucks big time.  I will do better on the next chapter. 

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