Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Barbara was missing her mom and wanted to see her.  She took a cab to her mom's dance studio.
Her mom was teaching a class and told Barbara to wait for her in one of the dance rooms. 
Hey sweetheart!  Mom I miss you so much can I spend the night at your house tonight?  Barbara you know your dad won't let you spend school nights at my house.    I will call him and see if he won't change his mind just this once!   I'm really busy today, you need to head home for now.  I love you Barbara!  Bye mom love you too.
Barbara was going to the cab and seen this dog just sitting on the side walk.  Hmm I want a dog so much. 
Dad can I stay with mom tonight?  Hmm let me think about it Barbara.
Please daddy oh please let me stay at mom's tonight?  Let me give her a call and see if it is ok with her first. 
Hello Cherie sorry to call you at work, but Barbara wanted to spend the night with you tonight.  Adalric she already asked me and I told her it was fine with me, if you said it was ok.  I'll have the bus pick her up at your house in the morning.  Ok sounds great bye. 
Barbara your mom said it was ok and I will have the bus pick you up at your mom's house in the morning.  Oh daddy I love you thank you so very much.  See you after school tomorrow.  Run along I have to make a phone call.    Adalric wants someone to design a new room for him.  He looks in the phone book and finds Felicia Wolfe.
Hello is this Felicia Wolfe?  Yes it is what can I do for you sr?  I need a room design for me, can you do the job?  I need to see what you have in mind first.  Can you meet me at 100 oak drive at 6:00 pm?  Sure I will see you then bye.

Hello Adalric nice to meet you.  Hi Felicia hope you can turn this ugly room into something nice for me?   Lets see this room you would like me to look at.
I told you it was ugly!!  I don't see ugly at all I see all the things I can do with this space.  I'll get started right away on this room for you Mr Jontz.  The next time you see this room it will be done.   I look forward to seeing what you can do with this room bye for now.
WOW Felicia what amazing job you did!   Thank you Mr Jontz.  Call me Adalric please.  Ok Adalric then I take it you like this room.  Yes I love what you have done with this room!   Can I have you over for dinner sometime Felicia?  Sure I would love to have dinner with you Adalric.   Great I will pick you up on Tuesday at 8:00 pm.   Ok see you at 8:00 pm on Tuesday Adalric bye.
I hope you like Pizza and pineapple salad?  Yes that sounds very good, and it looks good.   Would you like to dance before we eat?  Sure that sound lovely Adalric.
Felicia your a wonderful dancer, sorry I'm not much of a dancer.   Your doing alright don't worry so much.   Felicia are you ready to eat?  Yes I have worked up an appetite.
After were done eating I have a movie for us to watch.  You have thought of everything Adalric.  Felicia is thinking where has this guy been my whole life.  
Felicia did you like friends with benefits?  Yes it was very funny and thanks for having a great night planned out for us.  I really enjoyed every moment of it.  Felicia I better be getting you home it is getting late.  I would love to see you again Felicia.  Can I pick you up tomorrow night at 7:00pm?  Yes that sounds great Adalric, I look forward to see you then.
You look beautiful Felicia.  Thank you Adalric, you sure have a nice home.  I could look into your eyes all night Felicia.  Stop you are making me blush.  
Adarlic comes up behind Felicia and started kissing her neck slowly.  Oh Adalric that feels very soft and sensual.   Felicia is thinking I can't sleep with him just yet.  
Felicia feels his soft hand on her breast and his other hand on her stomach and this gives her goosebumps, and she starts feeling aroused by him.  Adalric wishpers in her ear, lets go into the bedroom beautiful.   Felicia can't help her self but fellows Adalric into his bedroom.
The next morning Felicia wakes up and thinks what have I done.
Why did I sleep with him so soon, especially with all the rumors around town about Adalric.  Well it is done so no sense worry about it now.  I need some coffee and something to eat.
Felicia sits and drinks her coffee and eats some cereal for breakfast.  That will hold me over till lunch.  I'm going to get dressed  and try not to wake Adalric.
Good he is not a wake yet.  I can sneak out the door with out him even knowing I left.  That way I don't have to feel so bad about sleeping with him so soon. 
The next day Adalric needed to teach Olivia how to walk.  Aww she is so cute.
Daddy teaching Olivia how to go potty.  Yes great job Olivia, you are a big girl now.
Teaching Olivia how to talk.   

Adalric got up and went down to the coffee shop and gave Felicia a call.  Hey Felicia it is Adalric.  Why did you leave with out telling me goodbye The other day?   Adalric I just needed some time to think about things. Did I do something wrong? No you did nothing wrong.  I hope everything is ok with us?  Yes everything is great.  Oh good,  would you like to come over later tonight, I'm having a birthday party for my daughter.   Sure that sounds great, I'll see you later tonight then bye for now.
Olivia's is turning 6 years old today.   Everyone loved the birthday party.  
Adalric was thinking about 2 months have gone by and he has not talken to Felicia.  Just then his phone rang.  Hello Felicia I was just thinking about you sweety.   Adalric sorry that I have not called you for a few weeks, I have not been feeling good.   Sorry to hear that babe.   Adalric I need you to come over at 9:00pm so we can talk.   Ok I'll be there, see you then babe.  
Felicia had just enough time to get over to the drug store and get a pregnancy test.   And take the test before Adalric gets there.
I can't stand waiting to see what the pregnancy test tells me.  Just then the timer went off.  Oh NO!  I'm pregnant, what I'm I going to do.  I'm not in love with Adalic and don't want to date him!  The door bell rang. 
Adalric I'm happy that you could come over tonight.   Sure babe anything for you, what seems to be on your mind?   Well I don't have any way to say this easy, but just to come out and tell you the news.   It don't sound good Felicia, just tell me.   Well I am pregnant, and I'm about 6 weeks along.   That is great news and I am so happy about this.  Felicia you have nothing to worry about.  Felicia I will talk with you about this later because I must get home.  
 A 9 months later Felicia is at Adalric's house.
Adalric is all happy about Felicia being ready to pop at any time.   You are getting really big Felicia!  The baby is due any day.  
Meet the twins Nickelson and Tasha.  Aww they are so cute.    

That makes 7 baby mamma's and 8 children .

I did not make Felicia wolfe.  You can download her from here.  http://www.thesimsresource.com/members/Q-Girl/downloads/details/category/sims3-sims/title/felicia-wolfe-by-qgirl/id/1102141/
Did not make Adalric, but I did change him some.  You can download him from here (Aries Desoto).  http://launcherapi.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=4467665

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chapter 6 100 Baby Challenge Daddy Style

Adalric was lost with out Ashley!!  He had to take his mind off her before he went crazy.
I love my son so very much.  I hope I can do right by him, and teach him everything I'm not.  I'm feeling so down.  And just then  he remembered that he meet Cherie Ogle at Delgado Dance Studios. 
After his anger anonymous group he head next door to ask if Cherie wanted dinner at his house tonight.   She was not there so he gave her a call.   Hello Cherie this is Adalric, I wanted to know if you would like to come over and have dinner with me tonight?   That sounds great, I can be over in an hour! 
Meet baby mamma # 5 Cherie Ogle.   Download link.   http://www.mediafire.com/?j5d3lu83k5i01sn
Cherie you look beautiful tonight.   Oh thank you Adalric you don't look bad your self.   I made us a wonderful dinner.  I hope you like Pepper Steak and Rice pilaf with mushroom.   Oh how did you know that is my favorite dish?  I have my resources dollface. 
It looks wonderful Adalric.  Lets sit down and eat and I also made us some cookies.
Adalric it was delishes, how long you been cooking?  I been cooking for a few years and I really have a pssion for it.    Let me help you clean up please?  Oh no I would not hear of it.  You just sit your pretty self there and drink some more wine. 
Cherie got up and looked around the house.  Thinking to her serlf wow what a amazing looking house he has.   Adalric started kissing Cherie very passionate.  He looked into her eyes and thought wow she is so sexy.  I must have her tonight!!!
He then wispered into her ear, come with me into the bedroom darling.
The room was filled with perfume rose fragrant.  Adalric kisses Cherie passionate.   Adalric starts to kiss her breasts, working his way down her body.  Cherie moan with pleasure asking for more.  Adalric turns Cherie over and starts pumping harder and harder till they both scream out with orgasm.

The next morning she sees that Adalric made her breakfast.  She thinks aww what a wonderful thougt. 
Cherie can't belive how sick she is feeling!  She is throwing up every morning.  I must be pregnant.  I don't have time to deal with this right now.  I must get down to the dance studio.
Adalric is teaching Kastor how to walk, talk, and go potty. Before his next birthday.
aww what a handsome little boy I have.  And you are so smart Kastor!!  Daddy loves you very much!  Daddy love you.
Adalric is heading over to the lake.   He starts fishing and sees this attractive woman roasting marshmallows.   Hmm I must go over and say hello. 
Hello my name is Adalric nice to meet you.  Hi my name is Savannah Tridge.
Would you like to come back to my house so we can have a few drinks?  Sure sounds great!
After a few drinks they head into the bedroom and start kissing and makingout!
And then she gets pregnant!!! Then next thing Adalric hears is Cherie screaming out help.
The baby is coming now!  Meet Barbara the 5th child.  Download Link http://www.mediafire.com/?oqi25xg61no6fjh

Barbara mommy loves you so much and you are so perfect.  
Savannah Tridge baby mamma # 6  Download link http://www.mediafire.com/?2j0dejdt6vaextb
Cherie puts Barbara down for a nap so they can throw Kastor and party.  
Kastor age 5.  And if you want the download link just let me know on facebook.
Savannah goes into larbor next.  And is screaming out in pain. 
Meet Baby # 6 Olivia.  She is so pretty.

I'm sorry this chapter really sucks big time.  I will do better on the next chapter.