Thursday, August 18, 2011


Adalric was starting fights just about everyday now, it was getting so bad that I was afarid of him.  At one point he started to push me. 

              The girl's needed me so much at this point.  And all Adalric wanted to do was yell and he even started being gone all night. 
 Adalric did help teach Jessica to walk.
Valerie can walk with Adalric's help.
Jessica is on the potty chair.
Valerie on the potty chair.
After Adalric got down helping the girl's learning what they needed to know for school, he started yelling at me again.  He was calling me all kind of names. 
I realized then that I need to get out and a way from this mad man.
Valerie was upset and was crying.  I was afarid that he was going to kick me out with out the girl's.  What will I do?  I have no money and I don't even have a place I could go. 
Adalric got out of control and pushed me and I just about fell on our child Valerie.  I could smell beer on his breath. Why was he being so mean? I just did not know what I
did so wrong to make Adalric treat me like this.  
Adalric cooled off and told me after the girl's turn 6 that he wanted me out of his house!!!    He also told me that I must go with out the girl's.  He told me if I took them that he would hunt me down and kill me! 
                                     Jessica turned 6 first and Adalric would not even let me throw the girl's a birthday party. 
Valerie turned 6 next and Adalric orded me out NOW!!!
I got on facebook and looked to see if my friend was online and he was and told him everything that happen with Adalric and he told me I could stay with him.  
Holding Valerie and I tried to hold Jessica so I could kiss them goodbye, but Adalric told me I was lucky to get to hold Valerie.  All this only makes my heart ache.  How will I leave them?  How will they remember me?  Will they understand why I must leave with out them? 





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